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Olympus Coleman 8x21 DPC I Roamer Binoculars - Coleman Green
Olympus Coleman 8x21 DPC I Roamer Binoculars - Coleman Green
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Oil Pastels,28-Color Set, Assorted, 28/Pack

Best Binoculars – Binocular Reviews and Features

Binoculars or binos as they are called are a pair of mirror-symmetrical telescopes aligned in a way to point accurately in same direction. What makes a binocular different from the monocular telescopes is the three-dimensional image that it produces thereby eliminating the need to close or obstruct one eye.

Since the invention of the first binocular telescope way back in 1825, the binoculars have seen a major change in design & features. Being an extremely handy piece of equipment, these are not just popular with adults but also an attractive gadget for kids. Besides, binoculars are found to be extremely user-friendly & one of the highest quality equipments discovered.

Best Binoculars

When talking of best binoculars, the Porro Prism and Roof Prism are some of the major inventions. These enhance the experience of the travelers, bird watchers, theater patrons and hunters. These gadgets are portable and easier to use, including full features. Though the quality ones are preferred more, these are an expensive investment & so the used ones are a better option. The Image Stabilizing Binoculars offer clear and sharp images with less work and more flexibility as compared to the regular ones.

Glass Quality

Glass Quality
The optical glass used in a binocular is the only part that directly affects the image quality you see through your binocular.


Lens Coatings

Lens Coatings
Lens coatings are chemical coatings on the lenses in a binocular to make images brighter.


Buying Guide
When it comes to buying a Binocular, the first thing we need to do is giving preference to our needs and requirements. There are few key specifications that must be considered, before buying them.

  • The first two are Power and Objective Diameter that go along with an "X" between them.  They always go hand-in-hand.
  • The second one is Field of View that is at 1,000 Yards. With given power one can see more from edge-to-edge
  • Eye Relief shows the distance between the binoculars and the eye with great comforts. For those, who wear eyeglasses; look for eye relief numbers in the 18mm to 21mm range.
  • The last is Minimum Focusing Distance focus on objects very close; hence best for enforcement officer surveilling an airport.
Bushnell Celestron Night Owl Pentax

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