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Miyauchi 26x100 "Galaxy" bj-iCE APO binocular

This is one of the best pairs of binoculars in the world. With available 37X magnification, amazing color correction, relatively compact design, and simple mounts, Miyauchi's second in command is a binocular enthusiasts dream. Although it is quite expensive, the Miyauchi 26X100 will give you years of crisp, indescribable images in an easily transportable package.
Miyauchi 26x100 "Galaxy" bj-iCE APO binocular
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  • * 45 degree angle for vertical viewing
  • * Strong color correction
  • * Upgradeable eyepieces
  • * Top of the line binoculars

If you want the world's best big binoculars, you have to expect a healthy price.
Cons:Not intended for standard handheld use.

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