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Oberwerk 20x80mm "Standard"

This long four and a half pound pair of binoculars is built to correct color and increase magnification. It gathers light well, producing bright, crisp images in varying environments. If you want to look toward the stars, the Oberwerk 20x80 is sufficient for astronomical viewing as well as your standard long distance landscape views. Whether using them for hunting, nature viewing, or stargazing this is one of the best pairs of binoculars on the market.
Oberwerk 20x80mm "Standard"
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  • * 20X magnification
  • * Lightweight design
  • * Crisp images, even in low light

The Oberwerk 20x80 is offered up at a fair price; a good value for quality big binoculars.
Cons:It has less power than larger, tripod only models and is heavier than your standard land binoculars.

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