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Rigel 2300 Long Range Night Vision binoculars

Portable and stealth, the Rigel 2300 allows users to experience some of the best binocular technology on the market. With ocular adjustment, thorough illumination, and almost infinite range, this pair can outlast almost any other model. If night vision is a priority and money is no object, choose the Rigel for a top shelf pair of night vision binoculars.
Rigel 2300 Long Range Night Vision binoculars
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  • * Long range for seeing things at a distance
  • * Thermal detection
  • * Adjustable illumination
  • * Only 2.3 lbs.
  • * 24 standard operation

This sturdy pair of binoculars gives users optimum magnification and expansive range.
Cons: Slightly bulky, slightly high priced, but overall a good value.

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