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Zhumell 25x100 Tachyon Astronomical binoculars

This pair of binoculars is quite versatile, offering beautiful views of the night sky as well as expansive sights on land. With crisp, clear optics and powerful magnification, the Zhumell 25x100 stacks up well against any comparable astronomy binoculars. The contrast is well balanced as well, assuring perfect user control and constant quality, despite the subject.
Zhumell 25x100 Tachyon Astronomical binoculars
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  • * 25X magnification
  • * Long lens for color correction
  • * 9.75 lbs.
  • * Waterproof, rugged outer shell

Solid, quality construction will keep these large binoculars operable for decades.
Cons:More powerful, astronomy specific models exist.

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