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Digital Binoculars

Digital binocular is a unique combination of the best features of optical and digital technologies. It has built-in memory, plug and play facility, multi-coated optics, and options to see magnified images. beyond giving a crystal clear view of the distance object, one can also capture video and share them with friends. With the endless possibilities, the digital binocular is an ideal solution for bird or wildlife observers, landscape survey, marine and aviation survey, electronic-loving enthusiasts, and casual consumers who enjoy capturing an image from afar.

Know the difference between digital and other binoculars

Digital Binocular Manufacturers

Digital Binocular Reveiws

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Bushnell ImageView 8x21 Digital binoculars
ImageView 8x21 Digital binocular
Extremely small
USb interface
8X magnification
Meade 8x42 CaptureView w/LCD Screen 3.0 Digital binoculars
8x42 CaptureView w/LCD Screen 3.0
Extremely small
USb interface
8X magnification
Galileo .3 MegaPixel
Galileo .3 MegaPixel
High quality photo
9x7 inches Photo
16mb Memory
Olympus Zoom Porro Prism
Olympus Zoom Porro
10x to 30x
Eye Safe
Full multicoated

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