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Canon 7 x 42 AWP Compact Binoculars

Some binoculars are designed to attract more attention than others, and the Canon 7 x 42 AWP Compact Binoculars is perfectly designed to attract all the attention. Not only it is designed to perfection but it is also there to provide you with excellent image quality with exceptional features at a very competitive price. That is why these binocular pairs are well equipped with the latest features that anyone can demand their binocular to have. The Canon 7 x 42 AWP Compact Binoculars presents itself as one of the few options that leave their mark with rugged design and exceptional image clarity.

Canon 7 x 42 AWP Compact Binoculars
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The Canon 7 x 42 AWP Compact Binoculars comes with 42mm objective lens and 6mm exit pupil diameter which is also the largest among Canon binoculars. This pair is compact and lightweight. The 7 x 42 A WP provides an exceptionally bright image with the help of multi-coated lead free optics. With this pair you get powerful Aspherical optics for low distortion, sharp and high-contrast viewing even at the edges, and an easy-to-hold waterproof design to handle the harshest conditions.

  • * Aspherical eyepiece elements
  • * 7x magnification and large 42mm objective lens
  • * Nitrogen filled waterproof construction
  • * Metal body
  • * Rubberized non slip grip

Superior performance
Cons: Not much apart from weight

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