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Celestron VistaPix Binoculars

Celestron binoculars are known for their exceptional design and image quality and the Celestron A VistaPix Binoculars is no exception to this. The world is changing fast and the changing needs are well monitored by the company. That is why these binocular pairs are well equipped with the latest features that anyone can demand their binocular to have. The all new Celestron's VistaPix binocular/digital cameras give you the best of both worlds.

This series of binoculars from the company is a fine blend of high-quality powerful binoculars for clear, sharp,bright views and a versatile digital camera.With a VistaPix in your hands, you can view the great outdoors around you and save the precious moments to share with others. The images taken with the help of this pair can be stored using its internal mass storage and can be later downloaded to the PC. It is also packed with VistaPix Photo Express SE software, which you can use to crop, re-size, manipulate color and much more. And yes! You can also record and play back videos.
Celestron VistaPix Binoculars
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  • * Powerful 8x magnification
  • * Integrated binocular/camera design
  • * Choice of VGA or Megapixel camera
  • * Flip-up LCD screen
  • * Continuous video capability
  • * Plug and play compatible

Great multifunctional pair
Cons: Some might find autofocus difficult

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