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Digital Camera Binoculars

Vivitar Digital 10 X 25 Camera Binoculars
Vivitar Digital 10 X 25 Camera Binoculars
Digital Camera binoculars combine the features of binoculars with digital camera. One can view distant objects through the binoculars as well as take clear photographs with the built-in cameras. The images taken can be accessed and altered with digital photography. Some of the manufacturers of the binoculars are Meade, Celestron, Simmons, bushnell, Pentax, barska, Carson, and Vivitar. PENTAX Digibino Db100 is the first of its kind in the world. Such binoculars are quite inexpensive and versatile. The price depends on the size of the memory cards with varying pixel capabilities. Digital Camera binoculars are excellent for sports, adventure, vacation, and sight seeing. These devices do not find any usage in astronomy, because of the compromised optics quality.

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