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Echo Wide Angle Binoculars

Brunton is well known to manufacture world's best binoculars and those who think that all these are high-end high priced products, the Echo line comes as a great advantage. The Echo line of binoculars is truly affordable binoculars with the same unmatched Brunton standards. And if from the Echo line you want to have a quality product, the Echo Wide Angle comes forth as the best choice.

The panoramic view from the innovative mid-size 8x32 wide angle binocular will provide you with a new perspective in pursuing a host of outdoor activities.
Echoâ„¢ Wide Angle Binoculars
Echoâ„¢ Wide Angle Binoculars

This pair helps you to get the whole picture with an amazing 492-ft field of view. Because of this wide field of view, image acquisition is faster than ever. Watch the game or find your next picnic spot with the all new ECHO wide angle binocular. Great for host of outdoor activities like sporting events.

  • * Large field of view
  • * Great for sporting events
  • * Emerald fire full multi-coating
  • * Polymer frame with ergonomic body design
  • * Lightweight
  • * Five years warrantys
  • * Waterproof and fogproof

Feature packed at a great price
Cons:Main problem is image shake

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