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Eterna High Power Camo Binoculars

Form the house of Brunton comes another value added product, the Eterna High Power Camo Binoculars. Like they say, if you want to buy the world's best binoculars, you need to buy them from this company. And the Eterna High Power Camo Binoculars are no exception to it. Designed to excel, the Eterna binoculars exceed the competition with their exceptional features and other additions. Not only the features are superior but so is the Camo design. This High Power Eterna 15X is the highest fixed-power binocular that the company delivers to the market.

Eterna® High Power Camo Binoculars

Eterna® High Power Camo Binoculars
Nothing can bet this pair when it comes to viewing over long distances. Unlike other binoculars, the Eterna with its big glasses is lightweight and agile, making it desirable for the long haul. It helps you get sharp images with the help of BaK-4 prism glass, state-of-the-art phase coating and the simplicity of use as and when required.
  • * Alloy frame ergonomic body armor
  • * SF prism glass
  • * State-of-the-art phase coating
  • * AL-HR reflective coating
  • * Anti-fog lens coating
  • * Locking diopter adjustments
  • * Waterproof and fogproof

Great design
Cons: Image shake is a possibility

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