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Buying Barska Gladiator Binocular w/10-30x60 Zoom

The best way to get closer to nature. The Gladiator zoom series offers the added advantage of enjoying multiple magnifications in a single binocular. With variable zoom, you can capture a panoramic view at low power, target in on your object and then zoom in to a higher power to capture the finer details. The zoom mechanism on the binocular is smooth and easy to operate with a flick of the lever. It's like having many binoculars in one! Versatility, convenience and tenacity put Gladiator in an arena by themselves.
  Barska Gladiator Binocular w 10 30x60 Zoom
Barska Gladiator Binocular w 10 30x60 Zoom
Product Features:
  • * Ideal for all outdoor activities and sporting events
  • * Powerful 10x to 60x zoom
  • * Quality coated optics for sharper and crisp images
  • * Large 60-millimeter objective lens for increased light transmission
  • * Rugged design with improved traction holding
  • * Shock-absorbing rubber armor
  • * Ruby lens to minimize UV glare
  • * Tripod adaptable fittings for a steady view

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