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Leica 8-12x42 Duovid 8 Binoculars Black

If you want the perfect blend of high quality image brightness, clarity, ergonomic design, and a rugged pair of binocular, then the Leica 8-12x42 Duovid 8 Binoculars Black is the right product to answer your needs. Although on the higher price band, this binocular from Leica is perfect tool for professional needs and is worth investing. It offers truly outstanding features that are difficult to find with other binoculars of the same class. The Leica Duovid 8 + 12 x 42 takes the credit of being the first high end binocular worldwide that features switchable magnification.As an outdoor enthusiast, you

Leica Ultravid 10 x 42 BR Binoculars
Leica Ultravid 10 x 42 BR Binoculars

can now count on a single binocular that flexibly adapts to all activities. With the 8x magnification, it provides an absolutely steady image, a large field of view and a great depth of field for an outstanding overview. Then, by switching to the 12x magnification, you can get close to the action. This pair comes with an exceptional imaging performance that enables you to distinguish even the smallest details. It also works well even in poor light conditions.

  • * New switch-over magnification from8x to 12x
  • * Delivers bright high contrast images under all light conditions
  • * HDC multi-layer coating for maximum light transmission
  • * High scratch resistance
  • * ADC automatic diopter compensation
  • * Roof prism system

High end binocular with switchable magnification
Cons:Doesn’t find any drawback apart from handling

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