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Leupold 8X32 Wind River Rangefinding Binocular - LP 54580

There are some binoculars built for perfection and the Leupold 8X32 Wind River Rangefinding Binocular with Compass is indeed one of them. It is built for those who want to be absolutely sure of the range to their target. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts, the Leupold 8X32 Wind River Range finding Binocular is a perfect blend of outstanding optics of a high-quality binocular with laser-precise range finding capability. This makes it a unique one piece and also the most affordable tool especially for hunters. With this particular pair, one can have exact measurements of Leupold 8X32 Wind River Rangefinding Binocular -LP 54580
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size target with one push of a button. The measurements are accurate to within one yard to game animals that are up to 550 yards away. It has splendid magnification of 8mm with 32mm of objectives that you can count on. You can also establish the precise distance to objects such as trees, rocks, signs or other landmarks out to nearly 900 yards. And the real benefit is that this product is total waterproof and comes with an outstanding durability that makes it ready for the wilderness.

  • * Perfect range finding binoculars
  • * 8mm magnification with 32 mm objectives
  • * Measurements accurate within one yard
  • * Rugged design
  • * Completely waterproof

Optimum features with modest price
Cons: The design is bit conventional

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