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Pentax Compact UCF R Binoculars

Some binoculars are designed to attract more attention than others, and the Pentax CompactUCF R Binocularsis perfectly designed to attract all the attention. Not only it is designed to perfection but it is also there to provide you with excellent image quality at a very moderate price. That is why these binocular pairs are well equipped with the latest features that anyone can demand their binocular to have. The Pentax CompactUCF R Binocularspresents itself as one of the few options that leave their mark with rugged design and exceptional image clarity.

Pentax CompactDCF XP Binoculars
Pentax CompactDCF XP Binoculars

The Pentax UCF R is a rugged yet stylish series of binoculars known to provide outstanding portability without sacrificing durability. Available in a choice of two magnifications, these quality binoculars are perfect for viewing in a wide range of outdoor activities. These quality binoculars are packed with features despite their compact design. Equipped with high-refraction BaK4 glass prisms they allow easier viewing in almost any lighting condition. The UCF R also features fully multi-coated optical elements that eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays and glare and a revolutionary dual-axis eye-distance adjustment system for correct optical alignment.

  • * Protective rubber housing
  • * Dual-axis eye-distance adjustment system
  • * High reflection BaK-4 glass prisms
  • * Full multi-coated optical elements
  • * Inverted porro prism design
  • * Limited lifetime warranty

Feature packed pair of binoculars
Cons:No such downsides besides a little image shake at high magnification

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