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Sakura Binoculars

If you want a pair of binoculars that should come handy during your outdoor expeditions, then the ones made by the Japanese company Sakura would be the best buy. Designed for optimum performance, the Sakura binoculars are quite economical and also maintenance free models. The features they come packed with help them outclass the competition with ease. The wide range of binoculars presented by the company help you to choose a model suiting your requirements with ease.

There are some important features that are incorporated in the Sakura binoculars. The optics are of high class and deliver crisp and clear images in any light conditions. These binoculars are lightweight so that you can carry and use them for extended hours and at the same time are quite compact to fit easily without acquiring much room. The anti-slip rubber coating ensures that you can use them without loosing your grip in any weather condition. Most of the Sakura binoculars are tripod ready so that you can mount them easily on this accessory. The design of Sakura binoculars offers a natural blend so that you can be part of nature without getting noticed with an object in your hands.

You can contact at:
Sakura Contact Lens Co Inc
20610 Manhattan Pl # 128, Torrance, CA 90501-1836

Phone: (310) 787-6590

Sakura Binocular Reveiws

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Sakura 90x Magnification Professional Binoculars
90x Magnification
90x magnification
BCI optics
Powerful lenses
Sakura 12-40x70 Binocular
40x magnification
BCI optics
Powerful lenses
Sakura 30X60 Compact Size
30X60 Compact
Ideal for campers
Neck strip
Quality optical
Sakura 80x100 Tripod No Reserve
80x100 Tripod
Multi-Coated ruby
Soft carrying case

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