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Swarovski SLCnew 8x30 WB

Some binoculars are designed to power pack all the features in one single unit. No doubt such binoculars are hot favorites of outdoor enthusiasts making them the preferred choice. In this case, the Swarovski SLC New 8x30 WB binocular is definitely the on we are talking about here. Designed for perfection in outdoor conditions, the Swarovski SLCnew 8x30 WB binocular has everything that is required by the avid birdwatchers.

It is handy, it is ergonomic and it is extremely versatile. And that is why the SLC binoculars from Swarovski Optics are one of the most used binoculars ever.
Swarovski SLCnew 8x30 WB
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But this new SLC series of binoculars have lot more to offer than their popular counterparts. It is well equipped with 3-lens objective lens with high light-gathering power for excellent picture quality, even in poor light conditions. It uses unique prism coating SWAROBRIGHT to deliver optimum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum. The users can benefit from the patented central focusing wheel with integrated dioptric correction that makes the use simple.

  • * Completely dustproof, waterproof and fogproof
  • * Versatile pair of binocular
  • * Optimized roof prism-system with P-coating
  • * Exceptional image quality

Value engineered versatile product
Cons: Hard to pinpoint the downside

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